Bishwajit Ghosh, a distinguished Indian artist, stands as a beacon of versatility, excelling both in the realms of singing and acting. Widely celebrated for charttopping hits such as “Sau Fikr” (2018) and “Dil Ruseyaa” (2022), Ghosh’s music is a harmonious blend of emotion and artistry. The year 2023 saw the release of his latest single, “Buraiyaan,” a testament to his evolving musical journey and unwavering creativity. In 2024, Bishwajit Ghosh expands his artistic repertoire by venturing into two commercial movies, adding to his versatile career.

Ghosh’s musical prowess spans Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Bengali, and English. In addition to his musical excellence, Ghosh seamlessly transitions into the world of acting, where his on-screen charisma leaves a lasting impact. The recipient of the ‘Iconic New Age Singer’ award in 2022, he has become a distinguished figure in the entertainment landscape.

Ghosh’s portfolio is a testament to his ability to not only deliver soulstirring melodies but also to immerse himself in diverse acting roles. His artistic finesse goes beyond the notes of a song, weaving compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. Bishwajit Ghosh, with his distinctive talent and dynamic presence, continues to be a versatile and sought-after name in the Indian entertainment industry.


Bishwajit Ghosh, a luminary in the music industry, seamlessly transitions into the role of a tech entrepreneur with a profound commitment to reshaping education. Grounded in a background of software architecture, Ghosh champions initiatives that redefine the educational landscape through technological innovation. His ventures are a testament to his foresight, crafting platforms that not only facilitate interactive and personalized learning experiences but also bridge accessibility gaps in education.

Driven by a genuine passion to democratize learning, Ghosh envisions a future where quality education is not confined by geographical or socioeconomic boundaries. His entrepreneurial endeavors go beyond profit, reflecting a profound dedication to making education a transformative force globally. In the dynamic interplay of technology and education, Bishwajit Ghosh emerges not only as a successful entrepreneur but as a visionary leader, navigating towards a future where knowledge becomes an empowering and inclusive global currency.